Freelancers Needed!

Freelancers Needed!

Looking for a passive income in this new normal era? We are looking for freelancers who are skilled in using social media, forums and blogs. Just join our website to see the available offers for you.

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More skills bring more revenue

Our staff has a lot of tasks to achieve everyday. If you are talented in following activities, you will get most benefits in our freelancer circle as soon as possible. Just compare the skills that we need.


Social Sharing

Be able to share a post, photo, video in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


URL Shortening

General knowledge of URLs and shortening tools such as,,,, etc.


Grammar Checking

Check grammar issues, keyword placement on YouTube videos to help advertisers.


Video Previews

Understanding video thumbnails, their quality issues and colour correction.


Reading Graphs

It is optional to have knowledge of understanding line graphs, bar charts and pie charts.


Content Writing

You must be able to write contents about advertised media. (Eg. Blogging, Explaining, etc)


Smart TV Setup

It is a plus, if you can control your Smart TV using a mobile app, or a software.


Selecting Industry

You must be able to identify the suitable industry for our advertised contents.


Sending Emails

Having general knowledge of sending an email using BCC with an attachment.


Answering Support

It will be beneficial, if you can answer our support tickets time to time.


Affiliate Marketing

It will be better, if you know more about promotional concepts such as affiliate marketing.



Creating videos on YouTube will be a special opportunity for you.

Afraid about your career skills?

Let us motivate you with some amazing stories and introduction videos. Just contact one of our support agents to say “hi” to your new career opportunity!

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